Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an attorney?

If you are contemplating the sale or purchase of a business or a large asset, have a dispute that has not been readily resolved, believe you have been wronged by another, or have a problem that you have been unable to resolve on your own, you should talk to an attorney. An attorney can identify the issues that can help you better address your problem and accomplish your task.

Call us at 812-234-LIND (5463). Even if we cannot solve your problem, we can connect you with the right attorney for your unique needs.

How do I choose an attorney?

A good starting point can be or Each site has reliable peer review ratings of an attorney’s level of ethical standards and professional ability. These sites help you determine if a particular attorney is active in a bar association or the community which can indicate their commitment to the practice of law as a profession or whether it is handled as a business with the client’s needs secondary.

At Lind Law Firm, we pride ourselves on our obligation to the client and our integrity to the profession, which are keys to successfully solving your legal issues. Jeffry Lind is peer rated as AV Preeminent, indicating the highest level of ethical standards and professional ability.

What if I cannot afford an attorney?

Some matters are handled on an hourly basis, while others can be handled on a contingency basis (“if we don’t win, you don’t pay”). Other matters still might be handled on a flat-fee basis. It is not uncommon in a new attorney-client relationship for the attorney to require some payment up front. You will want to ensure that any payment up front will be placed into a trust account to be applied to future fees that are incurred, rather than serving as a minimum fee.

Call Lind Law Firm at 812-234-LIND (5463) for more information about our fee structuring.

What type of documents should I take with me to the first meeting?

The documents you take to your first face-to-face meeting with an attorney will vary depending upon your particular issue or problem. Call the Lind Law Firm staff at 812-234-LIND (5463) to find out exactly what is needed for your first meeting to ensure your time is spent most effectively.

How is Lind Law Firm different than other firms?

By putting our clients’ needs first, we make sure that they understand all the risks and benefits of each optional course of action. Our clients’ goals and comfort level with risk are an integral part of the direction we ultimately take as a team. The need to hire an attorney is often a difficult time in a person’s life. At Lind Law Firm, we want to shoulder your burden and provide comfort and confidence as we work to solve your problems and accomplish your tasks as efficiently as possible.

While we utilize some of the latest technology, we also maintain the “old school” values of attorneys as not only zealous advocates, but also as counselors at law. Our goal is to help you complete your task, accomplish your goal, or solve your problem. While we are there for you if your matter must face a judge or jury, we recognize and appreciate that every issue or problem does not need to end in litigation.

What type of matters does Lind Law handle?

Lind Law Firm currently specializes in the areas of business representation, including transactional law and contracts; asset purchases and sales; real estate law; and civil litigation, including personal injury and estate.

So, if you are having issues with the start-up of a new business, issues that arise while running a business, the purchase or sale of a business or significant asset, civil business litigation, contracts, real estate disputes, issues arising out of the death or incapacity of a loved one, or personal injury litigation from an accident or other serious injury, call Lind Law at 812-234-LIND (5463). If you need help outside our scope of practice, our extensive network of attorney relationships in Indiana and Illinois will enable us to quickly and easily connect you with the right firm to help you with your particular needs.

How can Lind Law Firm help you?

We will contact you to discuss your needs.

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