Jeffry Lind - Bloomington Indiana AttorneyJeffry Lind
ATTORNEYAs a young man growing up in Lebanon, Indiana, Jeffry Lind was inspired to become a lawyer after watching the small town’s attorneys work hard to help members of his community.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University in 1985, Jeff went on to attend law school at DePaul University in Chicago and Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis.

Our team at Lind Law Firm is a dedicated group of professionals with years of invaluable experience in the legal arena. In addition to his decades of legal success, firm founder Jeffry Lind has spent an equal number of years giving back to the legal community through his professional associations, including as past-president of the Indiana State Bar Association. The entire office staff is focused on providing a friendly, welcoming environment, while taking the burden or worry off our clients’ shoulders.


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Jeff Lind Appointed to The Indiana State Board of Law Examiners

On May 4, 2012 Jeff Lind was appointed to serve as one of the 10 members of the Indiana State Board of Law Examiners. He has been appointed to serve a five year term. In July 1931, the Supreme Court of…

Civics education benefits everyone

A recent Newsweek magazine survey revealed that almost one in three Americans does not know the name of the vice president of the United States. This survey highlights the lack of civics awareness in our nation. If Americans do not know…

ISBA president opens new firm Lind explains his vision behind opening a new law firm in Terre Haute, Ind.



‘Your call is very important to us; please hold’

Among the more frustrating aspects of practicing law for a busy lawyer may be excessive accessibility. For the last 10 years or so, I have instructed those who answer the phone that they need not ask who is calling. I began…

It’s all about teamwork!

On June 6, I opened a new law office. Great location. Great space. With me in my new venture are Matt Sheehan, a 2011 admittee to the bar in Indiana; Charlynn Turner, a seasoned-for-her-years paralegal and office manager; Andrea Vinzant, a…

They are here to help

At its best, the practice of law is about helping others. In fact, that's what likely drew many of us to the profession. The law is one of the three "noble" serving professions (the clergy and medicine being the other two),…

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